Using your whole body from your head, to your waist, to your toes,
hula hooping has some brilliant health benefits you could potentially unlock which could include the following:



Some of the benefits of Hula Hooping!

• improved blood circulation
• helping to build core strength
• massages your back and muscles
• can help your posture
• relieves stress
• helps lighten your mood

• improves your self confidence
• promotes positive body image
• improves coordination
• gives you an all body workout
• can help with mental health such as stress, anxiety and depression
• improved strenghth, flexibility and mobility

You’ll probably discover many more on your own hooping journey!

Isn’t it just spinning it on your waist?

Waist hooping is just the beginning! Hula hooping is a diverse activity for adults not just a toy for children.

• Fitness

This is the first and most common form. Our Hula Fit classes provide you with 45 minutes of exercise based activities to get you moving and sweating.

• Circus

Circus style hooping is based around learning fancy tricks. This is great for coordination and you end up getting a work out without realising (brain and body) whilst you are learning. These tricks are great to perform with if that’s your cup of tea!

• Flow and Hoop Dance

Once you’ve learnt a few tricks, you can start linking them together to dance to songs. Once you get into the rhythm of the song you will find your flow (moving and transitioning between tricks to the pace of the song). Even if you don’t have a dance background you can do this – it’s very fluid and there is no set form or string of moves that certify “hoop dance” – think of it as going with the moment or improvisation!

• Meditation, mental and physical health

Many people who hoop use a mixture of the above to help with mental and physical health issues. Or just simply to get them moving in a way that’s more fun!

Check out our classes to see how you can start your hooping journey and enjoy the benefits of hula hooping!


Hooper Hoops is a proud supporter of This Girl Can

This Girl Can is a national campaign designed to encourage more women and girls to get active. The campaign is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery. 

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