About Your Hula Hoop Instructor




After watching a video on youtube in 2009, Lyndsay was hypnotised by the hula hoop. She had to learn how to do these magical movements! After purchasing her first hoop and DVD she set about learning as much as she could over the summer. By the autumn she was making her own hoops and connecting with other local hoopers. She would go on to attend many workshops and events to learn as much as she could to grow and evolve her skills.

After finding she was turning up to events and inadvertently teaching others to hoop she decided it was time to start teaching proper hula hoop classes. In 2014 she set up her first class in Leamington Spa and hula hooping in the midlands took off!

She has performed at the IndigO2, Barefoot Festival and Swingamajig to name just a few events and appears in a couple of music videos too!

Lyndsay teaches hula hooping classes in Leamington on a weekly basis and yearly at various festivals in the UK. She has also taught at larger hooping events such as SWhoop, Irish Hoop Convention, Birmingham Hoop Fest and  Brighton Flow Fest.


  • Live Love Hoop Teacher Training
  • Hula Fit Teacher Training
  • First Aid Certified
  • Scouting DBS Certified
  • Equity Insurance
  • Fire performance and teaching insurance
  • 7 and a half years of experience attending workshops across the UK and Europe!

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