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Barefoot Festival – Beginner’s Fire Hula Hooping


Ready to take your hooping to a new adrenaline level? Add more danger – add some fire! After the continued success of this workshop we are bringing it to Barefoot Festival, to help you learn how to safely fire hoop with Hooper Hoops.


In this 1.5 – 2 hour workshop we will cover the essentials in fire saftey to ensure you are prepared to have fun with fire hooping safely. In small groups we will have a gradual introduction to open flames to get comfortable with the fire being close to our bodies. Then, once we are all ready we will take the plunge and light up our fire hoops for our virgin burners!

And if you’ve got a little experience with fire hooping, we’ll help you move on to new tricks to explore with fire.


You must be comfortable at simple waist hooping. Any other skill level is a bonus. Attendees MUST NOT be intoxicated in anyway. Anyone who turns up to this workshop, intoxicated in any form, will be sent away and refused participation or involvement without a refund. You need your full senses about you for this workshop.


A large part of this workshop relies on being outside. Due to the wonderful British Weather being so unpredictable we will keep a close eye on the weather and keep you informed nearer the time. If the weather is wet or the winds are too strong, the workshop will be cancelled and you will be entitled to a refund.

Please read through the FAQ’S below before you sign up for the course to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what is required.

Barefoot Festival – Beginner’s Fire Hula Hooping

Dates:  Saturday 29th July 2017
Time:  5pm - 7pm (TBC)
Where:  Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane, Prestwold, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 5SH (use the postcode LE12 5SH for SatNav)
Who:  Any adults 18+ who can waist hoop.
Price:  £15 per person.

Spaces are limited for health and safety reasons. All safety and fire equipment is provided.
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Is it real fire?

Yes! We dunk the wicks in paraffin and then using a fire source we set the wicks on actual, real fire.

Is it dangerous?

There is always an element of danger with fire. However we run through a very strict safety talks before hand. You will put yourself and others in unnecessary danger if you mess around or do not follow instructions. This workshop will be in a controlled situation and environment done with very experienced teachers, who are very strict on safety.

What should I bring?

A bottle or two of water to drink – this is thirsty work, a hair bobble and a hat, something warm to cover up in if its cold or very sunny, appropriate clothing (see below) and arm protectors (optional – long cotton socks to protect your wrist – cut off the ends to poke your fingers and thumbs through!)

What should I wear?

COTTON CLOTHING! Nothing synthetic – if it catches fire it will melt!! No wool! Sensible footwear. With fire hooping you can either cover up, in cotton clothing that is not slippery, or wear less clothing so the skin has more grip on the hoop. I wear a black strappy top, shorts, cotton leggings and boots, with long socks to cover my arms. Bring a hair bobble or hat to the back/protect your hair. I will have spare hair bobbles at the workshop.

Your festival wardrobe is not suitable for this workshop!

YOU MUST WEAR GOOD SHOES! We will be on grass, which maybe slippery – no heels or flipflops. Trainers or pumps must be tightly laced and welly boots must not be over sized.

I have a medical condition. Is this course suitable for me?

Please consult with your doctor before signing up for this course if you are unsure. Particularly if you suffer from any respiratory issues. We ask that any medical conditions be declared when signing up for the course and in some cases a Doctors note may be requested. Please drop us an email to discuss this further.

I've had a bit to drink, can I still do this workshop?

No – you will be refused participation rights if you turn up to this workshop intoxicated in any form. We are very strict on this. You need your full attention for this workshop and will endanger yourself and others if you turn up having “had a drink to steady the nerves”.

You will be asked to leave and your money will not be refunded. Safety first!

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