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Hooper Hoops - LED glow hoops

November can be so gloomy can’t it? You’re trying to get organised for Christmas but it’s cold, grey and you’re tired.

Brighten up your weekend with GLOW-vember. The team from E-lumination Labs will be heading over from Leicester with their glow kit. From LED poi, hula hoops and staff to other creative LED inventions that light up and whisk away a gloomy Saturday lunch time!

We’ll provide on the spot tutorials but this session is encouraged to be ‘play based’ rather than structured or taught.

All ages and abilities are welcome.


Dates:  Saturday 10th November 2018
Time:  1:15 - 2:45pm
Where:  North Hall, Spencer Yard, Leamington CV31 3SY
Who:  All ages and abilities
Price:  £6 per person
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Can I bring my own kit?

Yes, the more glow the better!

Do I need to be able to hula hoop?

No, but it will help. We’ll give on the spot tutorials but we won’t be dedicating much time to teaching as this is a ‘play’ session.

Can I buy the kit?

Not on the day, but you can enquire about commissions.

E-lumintaion labs - Glowvember - LED star pattern Hooper Hoops - glow-vember glow hoops Glow-vember LED hula hoops Glow-vember with Hooper Hoops Glowvember with Hooper Hoops and -lumination labs LED Hula hoops at Glow-vember E-lumintaion labs - Glowvember - staff E-lumintaion labs - Glowvember - LED Patterns