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Level 1 – Beginner’s Hula Hoop Course – Coventry

Have you always wanted to hula hoop, but never been able to do it? You’d like an activity you can do at home but you don’t know where to start?

Wouldn’t it be great to try something new and different to help you destress!
We’ll show you how it’s done.

On this adults only 6 week beginner’s course, you’ll learn the foundations in hula hooping – how to spin a hula hoop on your waist, hands and various parts of your body. Equipping you with moves you can dance, flow or just practice with at home, to give you a fun, accessible exercise you can do anywhere!

You’ll learn tricks that can help build your core strength and have a giggle doing so! Students have also found some of these moves to help improve circulation and co-ordination and helped with their stress or low moods.

Give your brain and body a gentle workout. No previous hooping experience is necessary as this is the complete beginners course. Hula hoops are provided but feel free to bring your own along if you have one.

Book now as the class is limited to 10 spaces only to allow for enough time and space for each student to practice.

Level 1 – Beginner’s Hula Hoop Course – Coventry

Starts:  Tuesday 7th May 2019
Dates:  7, 14, 21, 28 May and 4, 11 June 2019
Time:  7:30 - 8:30pm
Where:  Hearsall Baptist Church, Queensland Avenue, Coventry CV5 8FE
Who:   All adults – anyone over 18 years of age.
Price:  £55 for 6 weeks.
(Please note £25 of this is a non refundable deposit)
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I'm really unfit / overweight / think I might be too old, I don't think I can do this ...

These are some of the most frequent concerns I hear. Don’t fret! Every person in class is a different age, weight, body type. There is no right or wrong type of person to do this class. If you want to give it a go then come along. EVERYONE is welcomed and encouraged to give it a go.

I can't waist hoop!

That’s what we’ll teach you on the course 😉 Wether you can waist hoop or not, we’ll teach you the basics of nailing that waist hooping technique, check you’re doing it right and then teach you some kick ass moves to go with it! Everyone comes in as a beginner and everyone learns at a different pace. We’ll teach you at the level that suits you best.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable, preferably cotton clothing. Close fitting clothes are generally easier to hoop in as baggy clothes may catch or get in the way. Slippery fabrics should be avoided as this will make learning moves a lot harder. Bare skin is generally easier to hoop with (shoulders and arms in particular). Footwear – bare feet, or trainers. Socks maybe slippery.

What should I bring?

An open mind, a positive attitude and a bottle of water. Hoops will be provided but bring your own if you have one.

I have a medical condition. Is this course suitable for me?

ALWAYS consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise and especially if you are unsure about attending any of our classes.

If you are pregnant or have lower back problems this class is not suitable for you. We ask that any medical conditions be declared before attending a class and in some cases a Doctors note may be requested. Please drop us an email to discuss this further.

Do you do drop in sessions? Why must I book onto a course?

Hula hooping is great fun and takes plenty of practice when learning new moves. Every week we on build the previous week’s material and skills. We will learn a lot on this course and whilst we will do a recap each week, we want to progress on to new material rather than having to return to the very basics every lesson.

We also have to limit numbers on each course for health and safety purposes. Hooping also takes up lots of space and we don’t want the hall to be over crowded otherwise you can’t learn everything with enough practice space!

Car Parking / Buses / Trains / Transport Links?

There is lots of free parking on the roads locally. Spaces on the Church property are very limited.

And there is a bus stop right outside the Church!

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