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Level 5 – Ninja Skills Workshop


In this fast paced 2 hour intensive, you’ll be shown how to tackle a variety of difficult tricks, that’ll give you moves to work on over the summer. And once you nail them, you’ll feel like a hoop ninja!

We’ll stick to one hoop and look at on and off body moves.

Level 5 – Ninja Skills Workshop

Starts:  Wednesday 27th June 2018
Dates:  Wednesday 27th June 2018
Time:  7 - 9pm
Where:  North Hall, Spencer Yard, Leamington Spa CV31 3SY
Who:  Adults - anyone over the age of 18
Price:  £18 per person for the 2 hour workshop
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How hard will it be?

This workshop is aimed at people who have done Level 3 or 4 with us. Or have a good knowledge of knee and chest hooping. Being able to do an isolation and a chest roll will also help.

If you’d like to do this workshop but are a bit unsure because of the difficulty level, please get in touch to chat with us.

Why is it only a workshop and not a course?

Some of these moves will take several weeks (and months) of practice to nail – which we just wouldn’t have time for in a class – plus it would be a bit of an information overload if this were  a course.

We’ll give you the foundations and the techniques so you can practice over the summer and we’ll aim to meet in the autumn to run over them and add more tricks to your skill set!