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Private Classes


Does the idea of learning in a group make you break out in an anxious sweat? You really want to learn how to hula hoop but you’re worried that everyone else will be better than you?

You’re not alone – we get a lot of emails from people, worried about about their age, ability or skill level.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn in a dedicated session with out being distracted or feeling self conscious?

You can learn how to hula hoop in our private classes. Tailored tuition to help you learn the basics in hula hooping, or level up your skill set at your own pace. Choose to have the class entirely to yourself with the instructor, or invite up to two other friends (total of 3 people person class) to help spread the cost! Email us below to discuss your requirements.

Private Classes

Dates:  You chose a date
Time:  You chose a time
Where:  You can chose a venue or we can book North Hall in Leamington Spa
Who:  Anyone - any age or ability
Price:  From £30 per hour
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What do we do in this class?

This session is all about you. We can cover whatever you would like to learn. Perhaps you would like a little extra practice at moves we covered on a course. Or you’ve got a handful of moves you just can’t seem to nail. Maybe you would like to do Level 1 but aren’t comfortable learning infront of / with others?

We can tailor each session to your needs and skill level.

Can I do this with my friends?

Yes, a private class can be booked for up to 4 people. Please note that the charge will vary depending on the number of people you wish to attend the class.

I have a medical condition - is this suitable for me?

ALWAYS consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise and especially if you are unsure about attending any of our classes.

If you are pregnant or have lower back problems this class is not suitable for you. We ask that any medical conditions be declared before attending a class and in some cases a Doctors note may be requested. Please drop us an email to discuss this further.

If you have a medical condition and your Doctor has provided written permission for you to attend classes, we can tailor the class around your needs.

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