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Hula Hoop Event Presence &  Festivals

With our event and festival presence, you can provide your guests with a relaxed and family friendly activity to entertain them at your event.

We’ll provide a large variety of hula hoops of different shapes and sizes for all your guests and attendees to pick up and play with, or drop in and spin, as and when they please. We’ll also be on hand to provide on the spot tutorials, for those who look like they need a little extra help to get their wiggle going!

Kids Parties

Hen Parties & Weddings

Fire & LED Performance

Event Presence
& Festivals

Themed Events:
Halloween / Christmas

Corporate Workshops
& Team Building

Tell me more …

We’ll turn up with plenty of hoop for people to play with at your event. We can stay as long as you like! Hire us to stay with our hula hoops for an hour or two, or a whole weekend. We’ll stay near to the hoops to do short demonstrations and on the spot tutorials every so often. This is designed to be a relaxed and informal activity that’s friendly fun for all family. Get in touch using the details below to chat to us about your event and what type of hooping will work best for you.

Hula Hoop Presence and Performance

If you’re hiring us for the day or even the whole weekend, why not ask us about hoop performance? At festivals and weddings for example, we often provide a hoop presence during the day and for a little extra we can perform with Fire or LED hoops at night!

What Others Say …

“When we were looking for a local partner to enhance the guest experience at our recent event, HooperHoops sprang immediately to mind. In keeping with our theme of “Ripping Up The Rule Book”, hula hooping proved to be the perfect activity to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. We would highly recommend Lyndsay and her band of helpers if you’re after something ‘a bit different’ for your next event. Our only regret was that our tight schedule meant we couldn’t book them for longer…

Team TEDxLeamingtonSpa



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