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Frequently Asked Questions

Hula Hoops

Where can I buy a hula hoop from?

We sell a range of hula hoops in our online store and at various events through out the year. You can find us at an event locally, organise to collect a hoop from us in Leamington or have it posted out (see postage below). Head on over to our Shop – chose your hoop type, the size and the tape colours and your hoop will be custom made to your specifications.

What type of hula hoop should I get?

BEGINNERS: We recommend the Classic Hoops (see sizing below this for size advice). These are great all rounder and beginner hula hoops – heavy enough for learning basic hula hoop tricks on but not so heavy you can’t lift your arms!

EXERCISE: Our Exercise Hoops are great for getting your sweat on. If you’re focusing on building core strength and using the hoop as a weight then these hoops are slightly heavier to help your feel the burn. These hoops will require arm or wrist strength to weild (unless you’re trying to build this up) so if you need something lighter if you have weak wrists – check out the polypro hoops. These exercise hoops are also great as beginner hula hoops too.

WEIGHTED EXERCISE: These are just like our original exercise hoops but have extra tubing within the tubing to make it slightly heavier. These are great if you’re looking to up your game at our exercise classes and will be using the hoop for core based movements. We don’t recommend using these hoops for hand tricks.

POLYPRO: We offer a range of polypro hoops – these are just for aesthetic value and the taping shouldn’t affect the performance (but more sparkle definitely helps with confidence in our experience!) These hoops are great for intermediate and advanced hoopers or for simply doing hoop dance. They are lighter so will require more focus to keep on your core. They are perfect for off body hand tricks being that much lighter – so if you have weak wrists and trying to do isolations, having a polypro hoop at hand may help!

What size hula hoop do I need?

If you’re a beginner, bigger is better! A bigger hoop will rotate slowly giving you more time to wiggle. Smaller hoops will require you to move very fast (that hoop you brought at the pound store – its probably tiny in comparison to what you need) It’s important to get the right equipment for the job!

To measure your first hoop, measure in inches, from the floor to two inches above your belly button. This is the suggested measurement for the diameter of your first hula hoop. Sounds HUGE we know, but as we said; bigger is better!

Alternatively start with a hoop that’s between 40? – 45? diameter depending on your height and weight. All the hula hoops we have for sale have a small extract at the bottom of the page with these measurement suggestions on but do contact us if you’re unsure or would like more advice.

I already have an exercise hoop at home. Can I just use that?

You can buy hula hoops from online vendors and high street shops.

Often these will be too light and too small, or will be very heavy or have bumps on the inside circumference. These can be painful to use or may lead to frustration if the hoops too small to use properly!

You are more than welcome to try and use these, however our hula hoops have been very successful since 2009 in helping people to learn and hoop in the right capacity with their sizing, weight and styling. (Sparkly tape clearly helps the learning process!) We hope you chose to shop with us!

How should I look after my hula hoop?

Your hula hoop will be lovingly hand made and are very durable in comparison to the cheap shop brought items. But you still need to care for your hula hoop. Please don’t leave your hoop up against a hot radiator. It is made of plastic and will melt. Equally, if you leave it out on an uneven surface in the hot sun it may become a bit misshapen. To rectify this, leave it out in the sun again on a flat surface!

If you can use your hula hoop on the grass or soft flooring rather than concrete this will preserve the tape for a longer period of time. And whilst the hula hoops are mostly weather proof, the glue on the tape will deteriorate faster if you leave it out in the rain.

You can clean mud off your hoop with a little soap and water (and we have cleaned our hoops with a scrubbing brush before but go easy if doing this). Your hula hoops will have a hand made join which should be very durable but as with all products if put under too much stress these will break e.g. your child repeatedly leaning / pushing down on the hoop to stress the join. Other than that; enjoy your hula hoop!

How much is it to post my hula hoop?

We can post your hoop to you once you’ve ordered it with us. Postage prices will vary for this option as hoops will need to be sent by a courier and will often be tracked and require a signature upon delivery. Please email us to discuss these options.

A local shop sells hula hoops for half the price. Why are yours so expensive?

It’s possible that the hoops you have seen are small hoops, made of very lightweight and cheap plastic, possibly without tape.

Those hoops are very cheap childre’s toys that are not made to last, nor are they suitable for proper hula hooping. Hooper Hoops hula hoops are made of a heavy plastic tubing and high quality tapes. Hooper Hoops hula hoops are hand made so their retail price not only reflects the price of materials, but the time it takes to hand make each individual hoop to the customers specifications, right from scratch (heating and joining the tubing to your required size)

Our hula hoops are built to last and withstand a lot of use and abuse. The cheap ones will probably have a very short life and end in a kinked mess!

The tape on my hoop is peeling a lot. Can you re-tape it?

This should only happen if you have used your hoop extensively or over a rough surface. For retaping options please send us a message.

Classes and Courses

Where and when are your hula hoop classes?

Our classes are currently held in North Hall, Spencer Yard in Leamington Spa CV31 3SY on a Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Check out the classes page to see when the next course is.

If you are based in Kenilworth or Coventry and would like a class to be set up there, please email us your interest.

We hold workshops up and down the country. Get in touch to ask about a workshop near you.

Who are your classes for?

Our courses, classes and workshops are for anyone or any ability, wanting to try something different, who’s bored of the gym, or just want to try something new. Any age over 18 is welcome in the classes. And there’s no upper age limit. A regular at our monthly drop is in 80! Our weekly classes have a wide age range from late 20’s right through to 70 so your age is no excuse for not coming!

Alternatively we have a monthly hoop club open to all ages and abilities.

If you’re under 18 or know some one who is, and wants to learn to hoop at your school or as a small group of friends, get in touch to talk about private lessons and after school clubs.

I have an injury / medical condition / pregnant. Can I still hula hoop?

We really hope so! Please DO consult your doctor before you sign up to our class if you have a new, existing or reoccurring medical condition. If you are pregnant please wait until after your pregnancy to join our classes. Agin, please consult your doctor for the appropriate amount to time to wait, after your pregnancy before joining one of our classes.

If your Doctor says its ok please let us know about your medical condition or injury so we can be made aware of it in class and offer ways to work around it. All information is strictly confidential.

Do you do drop-in classes?

The only drop in event is The Hoop Surgery / Hoop Club. There is no booking required for this. Just turn up and stay as long as you like! The rest of our courses and classes are on a book in basis only as spaces are often limited.

Why do I need to book ahead to join a class?

We ask you to book in for a full course so you can make the most of your new set of skills!

If we encouraged drop ins for this we would have to keep holding the class back to recap what may have been taught 3 or 4 weeks previously, holding the rest of the class back from learning new and current material.

We try to keep you all at the same level so everyone on the course can learn the same tricks together, aiding the group learning vibe and enabling you to get the most out of our teaching and each of your sessions!

Our hula fit classes are more drop in based, although we do still ask you to book in as spaces are limited for health and safety.

I can't make all the classes / I've missed a class.

No worries, this often happens. We start each class in a course, by recapping what was taught the previous week.

In the final week we usually do a mega recap of everything we’ve learnt AND if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be given a link to a recap video showing all the moves we covered so you can go back and practice at your leisure.

What do I need to bring to a class?

To attend class we recommend wearing comfortable clothing, nothing too baggy. A lot of our ladies wear gym gear. Any fabrics that are too slippy may hinder your learning progress as it will make the hoop harder to use.

Comfortable foot wear such as trainers is a must (and compulsory for Hula Fit), a water bottle, possibly a towel if you sweat a lot, and an open mind!

Hula Hoops are provided as part of the course fee so don’t worry about bringing one of those. Our venue has toilet facilities and a shower if you work up a great sweat.

I don't know ... I'm still a bit unsure ...

Don’t be scared! Hula hooping is fun and we know you can do it! You’re coming to a class to learn after all.

There’s no judging in our classes, everyone learns at their own level and speed. On all our physical classes we offer a “bring a friend” option, where you both receive a discount to the course or workshop if you sign up with someone. Have a giggle and a wiggle together!

Do you do classes for kids?

We currently offer The Hoop Surgery / Hoop Club which is open to all ages. For specific classes for kids such as after school classes, holiday workshops and private lessons, please get in touch to discuss this further.

What is the Hoop Surgery / Hoop Club?

The Hoop Surgery is also known as Hoop Club as it held once a month as a drop in session for people wanting to try out hooping, learn a few tricks, or try out a new circus based skill.

We offer it out to people who are also working on tricks and find they are getting stuck. A teacher or more experienced Hula Hooper is usually around to offer advice on how to help improve the tricks you may be stuck on. Its also there to provide you with space to practice and a general community / gathering to be part of. Come along and see for yourself.

During the winter months we also theme our Hoop Surgeries to give you a little lift in the dark and cold days of autumn / winter. We have Hulaween for Halloween in October (a Halloween based surgery), Glovember in November (a sort of midday rave with glowing toys) and Hoopy Christmas (self explanatory but we eat lots of bad food and play games with the hoops!)

Online Learning

What is this?

Can’t make it to class? We are developing our online courses so you can learn how to hoop from your living room. Learn how to hoop anytime any place with our downloadable bite size lessons. From your living, garden or park.

Maybe you’re on holiday or over at grandma’s. You’ll be able to stream these hoop tricks to learn at your own pace in your own space.

How does learning to hula hoop online, work exactly?

Once you purchase a course from our Hoop Shop, you’ll be asked to create an account. Once in this account you’re purchased course will show up in the left hand menu. The course will be broken down into weeks and then into tricks learnt each week. We recommend starting with Week 1, Move 1 and trying to follow it chronologically where possible as some moves later in the course build on tricks learnt in the earlier weeks.

You can download each video to take with you on your video device. You can also change the video status to remember where you got up to each time you practice. Change the video status to “Watched” or “Mastered” when you nail a trick. Once you have “Mastered” all the moves, you’ll receive a certificate which can be found in “My Awards”.

We also include a warm up and cool down in the course which we recommend you do each time you practice so you look after your body when exercising.

We ask you not to redistribute any videos you download. You have paid for this content and should not be redistributing it!

What do I need?

Space to swing a hoop about – a garden, large room or park will be fine – and a hula hoop. Comfortable clothing and a water bottle are also advisable. You will need an internet connection to stream the videos and space on your device as well if you wish to download them.

How do I get started?

Head on over to the Hoop Shop, choose a course and a hoop if you don’t already have one and you can get started! For complete beginner’s we recommend choosing Level 1. If you’re unsure on which course is suitable for you, please email us to find out more information.

How To Hula Hoop

Why won't my hoop stay up around my waist?

Every person is individual and it takes every one different lengths of time to learn tricks. Keep practicing – a little every day if you can – and the muscle memory will soon build up. It took Lyndsay a week – practicing for a couple of hours every day just to keep it up on her waist!

So lets check how you’re hooping. The hoop should be rotating around your waist and not your hips! Start by placing your feet shoulder width apart. Place the hoop against your side or back and then use your hands to push the hoop to either your left or right – which ever way feels comfortable or natural to you. As the hoop rotates you can either rock your waist/hips backwards and forwards, or from side to side. Use the balls of your feet to help you rock. If the hoop keeps dropping to the floor you may not be moving fast enough. Try to feel where the hoop comes into contact with your body (one point should be at the front of your body and the other point at the back) and push your body into these contact points.

Check out our online courses for more instructions or see if you can make it to class to learn more.

I've got a bruise from hooping? Is this supposed to happen?

Hoop bruises are mysterious things – you are repeatedly pushing your body to perform an action so it’s going to bruise. But once its bruised, in one area, it tends not to return again. Very odd.

If you’re new to hooping you will probably get bruises on your hips. Lyndsay had HUGE bruises on her hips when she first learnt to hoop! Later she found out she was doing it wrong.

The hoop should be rotating around your waist, above your hip bones. If the hoop starts to fall back on to your hip bone, exaggerate the movement you use to keep the hoop rotating, or move faster and the hoop should pop back up to your waist. If you are getting bruises please stop and wait for the bruises to heal and disappear before hooping again. Repeatedly hooping over a bruise can cause damage to your body!

Where can I learn more?

You can learn directly with Lyndsay from Hooper Hoops by attending a class locally in Leamington.

OR you can learn online with us with out Members Area when you purchase a digital Download of the courses.

OR if you’re feeling thrifty then Lyndsay personally learnt from several free sources online, the top 3 being:

  • Facebook has some fantastic hooping groups. Check out the UK Hula Hooper’s group or the Unity of Hula Hoopers
  • Youtube is now often the first port of call for many hoopers when learning new tricks. There is a plethora of videos and inspiration on there. Just search for “hula hooping” and take your pick of the video results.
  • Hooping.org often has daily tutorials and a world wide community that provides a fantastic platform for shared learning and inspiration.

Clothing and Accessories

I can't see my size?

Please email us specifying which product you are looking at and what size you need.

Postage and Packaging

How do you post your items?

Clothing and Accessories: We post all clothing and accessories via Royal 1st Class Recorded delivery. If your item exceeds a certain weight (e.g umbrellas) these will be sent out using Parcel Force 48 hour recorded delivery.

Hula Hoops: All hula hoops are sent out via courier using either a 24 or 48 hour service.

All items postage is calculated on a weight and size basis.

What's up with your packaging?

We try to be as eco friendly as possible where we can so if your clothing turns up in a pre-used bag / packaging please consider that we have tried to recycle this bag rather than just bin it. If you can recycle it again to use as a bin bag, to send something of your own in the post then you’ll score brownie points in our eyes!

All items are securely wrapped in brown packaging tape and checked over before sending.

All hula hoops are wrapped in brown paper or plastic lining. They are often tightly wrapped in some form off cushioning e.g. bubble wrap to protect them on their journey.

Please open your parcel carefully. We cannot refund or replace items because you damaged them when opening the package.

How long will it take?

Please consider that all items have a making time (please see Terms and Conditions for estimated making times). We will notify you once your item has been shipped.

We hope that items posted out will be with you within 48 hours of dispatch. But sometimes they can take a little longer or there are delays out of our hands especially if orders are placed around public holidays.

Please allow up to 15 days for your parcel to arrive. Then contact us if you have still not received it.

Can I collect my items?

Yes you are very welcome to collect any orders. You will automatically be entitled to collect an order during the checkout process if your postcode begins with “CV”. Please contact us once you have placed your order to organise a collection time, date and place.

If you live outside this post code area and still wish to collect your items please email us to discuss your options.

Returns and Refunds

I'm not happy, what is your returns policy?

Sorry you are not happy with your purchase.

Hula Hoops: Unfortunately refunds cannot be offered as each hoop is made to order to the customer’s requirements and specifications and as such, all purchases are final. Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing a hoop. The exception to this is if the hula hoop breaks, but not through improper use, within 12 months of being sent out. Hooper Hoops cannot cover postage to return the item(s). Please contact us to discuss this further.

Online Courses: Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for any digital content purchased on our website.

Classes & Workshops: Most of our classes and workshops will have a deposit that is non-refundable. This is to cover admin and venue costs. If for some reason you require a refund please contact Lyndsay to discuss the matter and see how we can help. Exceptions are made to workshops, classes or full courses that for any reason have to be cancelled by Hooper Hoops. In this event, all participants who have paid will receive a full refund or will. If an individual class on a course held by Hooper Hoops has to be cancelled due to illness or unexpected circumstances, Hooper Hoops will provide an extra date for course attendees, to make up for the cancelled class.

Clothing & Accessories: Please chose your options very carefully. We cannot issue a refund on any items of clothing that have been personalised by choosing to add your Hooper Name to the front of the clothing. On other items that have not been personalised we can swap sizes if we are contacted and the item is sent back within 28 days. Hooper Hoops will send out the replacement, once the original item(s) have been received back. Hooper Hoops cannot cover the postage to return the item(s). If you have any questions please do contact us.

Photography and Media

Can I use your photos?

No! Many of the photos on our website have been paid for by professional photographers or belong to photographers who we have express written permission from, to use on our website.

If you would like to use one of the photos on our website please contact Lyndsay to discuss which photo you would like to use and for what purpose. We may also need to put you in touch with a photographer if we are using one of their images.

Which photographers do you use?