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Use it outside:

It’s best to use your hula hoop outside where you have plenty of space, away from breakable objects.

Colourful tapes & marks

The colourful tape is beautiful but acts like crayon on the walls! Be careful if hula hooping inside. These marks can usually be removed with some Cif or other cleaning products.

Grass rather than concrete

Hula hoop on a grassy surface to help preserve your tapes. Concrete, tarmac and brick work will scuff and scratch the tape quickly.

Join stress

There is a hand made join in your hula hoop. It can take lots of wear and tear but lots of squashing, pushing or pulling the hoop into an oval shape will put it under unnecessary stress.


Muddy hula hoop? Use a damp cloth and elbow grease to remove mud and dirt.


Don’t leave your hula hoop out side in the rain. The hula hoop is water proof but the glue on the tapes is not. If left out in the damp, the tapes may peel or crack.

Storing your hula hoop

Store your hula hoop somewhere dry. Hang it up, lay it flat or stand it up against a wall. Try not to leave it leaning against anything as over time, this can warp the shape of the hoop.

Do not leave it against a radiator or other heat source. The tubing is made from plastic and will melt. Try not to leave your hula hoops in the car, especially on a hot day. This can warm up the tubing and misshapen your plastic circle.


If for any reason your hula hoop does become misshapen, you can reshape it by leaving it out in the sun on a flat surface to heat up and level out.


Your hula hoop is made with durable materials and should last you a very long time. Ultimately, everything does have a limit to its use. If your hula hoop has reached the end of its lifespan, check out some of our ideas on how to recycle it.

If you have any other questions about looking after your hula hoop, please get in touch using the form on the contact page.

Do not leave your hula hoop near a heat source