Thank you for purchasing your
hand made hula hoop.

We hope you have fun with your new hoop. Please remember to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise.

Your new hula hoop is designed to be durable and hard wearing. There are a few things you can do to help preserve the life of your hula hoop.

1) Store it in a cool, dry place. Do not leave it against a radiator or other heat source. The tubing is plastic and will melt!

2) To store it you can hang it up, lay it flat under the bed or stand it up against a wall. Try not to leave it leaning against anything as over time, this can warp the shape of the hoop.

3) Don’t leave your hula hoop out side in the rain. Whilst the hoop is made of waterproof materials, the glue on the back of the tapes does not respond well to getting very wet or remaining damp.

4) Muddy hula hoop? No problem! Use a damp cloth and elbow grease to remove mud and dirt.

5) Try not to leave your hoops in the car, especially on a hot day. This can warm up the tubing and misshapen your plastic circle!

6) If your hoop does warp, or become misshapen, leave it out in the sun on a flat surface to heat up and level out.

7) There is a hand made join in your hoop and whilst your hula hoop can take lots of wear and tear, we do not recommend excessive squashing of, or leaning on the hoop (pushing it into an oval shape or pulling on the outer edges of the hoop) as this will put unnecessary stress on the join.

8) Concrete and brick work will scuff and scratch the tape work quicker. Try to use your hoop on a soft surface such as grass or carpet where possible.

Do not leave your hula hoop near a heat source

Remember to breathe, wiggle and enjoy! Check out our online classes for more help on learning to move with your hula hoop.

NOTE: If you have purchased a weighted hoop, your hula hoop may rattle slightly during use. This is perfectly normal and is created by the extra tubing inside your hula hoop to help give it it’s weight.