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Kids hula hoop size

Kids Hula Hoops – What size should I buy?

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Hula Hoop Size for Kids

Are you wondering what size hula hoop to order for your kid’s birthday or Christmas present?
Don’t choose the smallest one!
It’s easy to assume that because kids are smaller than adults, you would need a small hoop. But this is not always the case.
So what size hula hoop should you buy for a child?
(If you’re wondering what size is best to buy for adults head over to this page)

1. Measure an existing hoop

If they already have a hula hoop which they can use easily, then take the measurements from that hula hoop. You want to measure the outer diameter, from one outside edge of the tubing, straight across to the other outside edge of the tubing, in inches.
Measuring hula hoops
Measuring the size of a hula hoop Measuring hula hoop size


2. Age and height

If they don’t already have a hoop you can measure, then it is a little more tricky and down to guess work. In our experience we have found that:

  • Age 1 – 3: Will struggle to hula hoop so it’s more for fun and general play. You’ll want a 30″ – 33″ hoop.
  • Age 4 – 6: This is where they’ll start getting the hang of the movement a little more but can be a little dependant on their height. So a 34″ – 36″ hoop should work.
  • Age 7 – 9: Again this can be dependant a little on their height (generally if they’re taller then you’ll want a little more space in the hoop). So anything between a 36″ – 39″ hoop should be fine.
  • Age 10+: They’ll be growing taller, pretty fast by now so you’ll want a slightly bigger hoop – anything from a 37″ – 40″ hoop depending on height.
  • Please note – this is JUST a rough guide based on 9 years of experience. It differs for every child and we strongly recommend you get them to try a hoop before buying it where possible. If you’re uncertain then just get in touch to ask for some advice.


3. Buy a hula Hoop

Head over to our shop and we recommend choosing a kids classic hoop (30″ – 34″) or a normal classic hoop (35″ +). Select your measurements from the drop down options, choose your tape colours and we’ll hand make it for you from scratch. We recommend classic hoops as exercise hoops are heavier and your child is less likely to use an exercise hoop because of the weight.


What’s different about our hula hoops?


  • All our hula hoops are hand made. A cheap, shop bought hula hoop will bend and kink and become useless pretty quickly, just like the one resembling a lemon below:
    Squashed cheap light weight kids hula hoop

  • Our hula hoops are made with a stronger, hard wearing water tubing. They still have a hand made join which should not be stressed (like squashing the hoop into an oval shape), but most of our hoops will last 7+ years.

  • Heavier tubing means they’ll be able to do more with our hula hoops, such as tricks, which they may struggle to do with a light weight one.


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