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Your hoop has eventually come to the end of its life (hopefully after many years of use and love!) or you are concerned about plastic use your hula hoop’s life cycle on this planet. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do to recycle or repurpose your hula hoop.

Repurpose your hula hoop

You can give your hoop another lease as life by:

  • Gift it to someone else who may enjoy it.
  • Hand it back to us here at Hooper Hoops. We will reuse your hoop as a class hula hoop or contact a local recycling company to recycle the plastic in your hula hoop. Contact us to discuss this option.
  • Make a wreath for halloween, Christmas, Easter, a birthday, a wedding or general decoration.
  • Make a light decoration for an event.
  • Make a tent for yours (or friends) children or grandchildren.
  • Use it on your allotment to support netting and protect your crops.

Recycle your hula hoop

Polypro hoops are made of polypropylene tubing (PP or Number 5 on the plastics recycling chart), an easily recyclable plastic. If you have a polypro hula hoop you can:

  • Peel off the tape and take it to your local recycling centre
  • Chop it up or leave it out as part of your plastic recycling (please check your council bin collection specifications for this).

If you have a classic, kids or exercise hula hoop, these are made of MDPE tubing – medium-density polyethylene tubing. If you have one of these hoops you can:

  • Peel off the tape and take it to your local recycling centre