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Terms and Conditions


  1. Upon purchasing one of Hooper Hoop’s hand made hula hoops you are responsible for your own actions with the purchased hula hoop(s). Any injuries to yourself and or others caused from or by the hoop(s), and or using the hoop(s) or damage to any property or to the hoop(s) itself is entirely your fault and I, and the Contractors for Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible.
  2. Hooping is a physical exercise. Please consult your doctor before undertaking any new form of physical exercise. Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for any physical problems or health issues directly or indirectly attributable to the use of hula hoops, hula hooping or any related activities.
  3. Hula hooping is generally not a risky activity, however Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from improper or inappropriate use of any hula hoop(s). Improper use of the hula hoop(s) can cause bruising and this is particularly common with beginners. You undertake this activity at your own risk. If you are getting bruises, please stop hula hooping for a couple of days or more and let the bruises heal before hula hooping again.
  4. Please check that the environment you intend to hula hoop in is suitable. Small confined rooms/spaces or low ceilings are not often ideal to practice in. Hula hoops cannot be returned because the hula hoop(s) are too big for you room or practice space. The colouring on some of the tapes of our hula hoops can rub off on paint and wall paper. We advise you to use your hula hoop in a room that has lots of space around you, with high ceilings and no where near breakable objects. Outside is often best!


  1. All Hooper Hoops hula hoops are made by hand. This means each Hooper Hoops hula hoop will be slightly different in its own unique way. Hooper Hoops hula hoops are measured as accurately as humanly possible but please allow for variations in shapes, sizes or taping.
  2. Hula hoops made by Hooper Hoops are not lightweight children’s toys. Our hula hoops weigh approximately 500g (approximately 1.102lbs). This weight can vary depending on the size of the hoop and the amount of tape decoration on the hoop. Please be aware of this, as hula hoops cannot be returned because they are “too heavy” or “too light”.
  3. Your hula hoop will be hand made as soon as possible but sometimes delays are inevitable, especially as we work full time jobs along side this. Please allow 7 – 10 working days for your hoop to be made before receiving for your dispatch email. If the delay is predicted to be any longer than this, Hooper Hoops will email you to discuss options. Please view COVID-19 Updates to be advised on the current making and delivery times for your order
  4. Please do no leave your polypro hula hoops out in the cold weather. It makes them more prone to cracking.
  5. Please look after your hula hoops. Whilst they are durable and you can leave them out in the wet, this does affect the glue on the tapes so it is not advised. Please store your hoops lying flat or standing or hanging upright somewhere out of the way. Do not leave them in direct sunlight for several hours as this can warp the shape. If this happens, leave them out in the sunlight on a flat surface again in the heat to flatten them. Do not leave them against a radiator or hot surface as they will melt! You can clean the hoops with a wet cloth but again please use water sparingly to preserve the tapes. View more information on how to care for your hula hoop here.
  6. All our hoops have a hand made join which may make the hula hoop appear to be slightly flat on one spot around the circumference. Please do not stress this join by leaning on it. The joins are made from a thick plastic connector but as with anything that is put under too much stress they will break. Treat your hoop with respect!
  7. All Quirky and Wiggly Hula Hoops are sold with their imperfections noted on the product page. The imperfections should not affect your use of the hula hoops or the performance of the hula hoop. The Quirky and Wiggly Hula Hoops are sold ‘as is’ with a discount, and cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.


  1. We work closely with a local courier to safely deliver your hula hoop orders. Please allow 7 – 14 working days for your order to arrive after dispatch.
  2. The courier service will deliver any time between 7:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Friday (not weekends).
  3. If you know that you may not be around to receive your order, please ensure that you leave instructions during the checkout process as to where or who your hula hoop should be left with. If you do not, and your order is returned to us, you will be required to pay for postage again. If you do not wish to have the hoop re-sent, we reserve the right to not issue a full refund due to your use of our materials and time.
  4. We use a local courier company with pre-agreed flat rates, to keep the price of postage down. Larger, well-known companies charge extortionate prices but this local courier has agreed a special deal with us. This means that your hula hoop might take a bit longer than you’ve come to expect from larger companies and also means there is no tracking service available. However, we are in regular contact with the courier company and can provide updates on request.
  5. Taking into account the making and delivery times, please plan enough time for your order to be made and sent before you place it. We cannot offer a fast-track process and refunds cannot be issued because your hula hoop(s) did not arrive on time for an event, birthday or occasion.
  6. If you are local to Leamington or Warwick would prefer to collect your hula hoop order, please use the contact page to request more information.
  7. Abuse about postage prices will not be tolerated and we reserve the right refuse your order, or refuse a refund if your behaviour over email, phone, social media, or in person, is deemed aggressive or rude.
  8. Please provide a correct and valid postal address. Hooper Hoops will strive to process all hula hoop orders within in 10 working days.
  9. Inevitably, there may be delivery delays that are beyond Hooper Hoops’ control, (petrol shortages, COVID-19 related delays, Brexit supply shortages, driver shortages, breakdowns etc). We will notify you if we foresee any delays to your order.
  10. Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery once the hula hoop(s) have been dispatched or problems with the hula hoop(s) whilst they are in transit. We will notify you if we are made aware of any potential delays to your delivery.
  11. Hooper Hoops currently only posts within the UK.
  12. Each hula hoop is checked over before it is dispatched to ensure a standard of high quality is maintained. They are wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them, and a black pallet wrap secures this in place and to prevent damage from rain or spills during transit. Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the hula hoop(s) once they have been dispatched or damage caused to the hula hoop(s) while they are in transit.


  1. If you live near, or a passing by Leamington Spa in the midlands, you can choose to collect your hula hoop in person. This option is available during checkout.
  2. There is a smaller convenience charge for collection in person. Please arrive on time. We allow a 15 minute window in case of traffic or hold ups. Otherwise collection will need to be rearranged and you may be charged the collection fee again.
  3. If you know you will be late or need to rearrange your collection, please email us to give us as much advance notice as possible.
  4. Please still allow 7 – 10 days for your hula hoop to be made, even if you are collecting in person.
  5. When collecting your hula hoop in person, collection will be in Victoria Park Car Park CV31 3PH at a mutually convenient day and time. Parking is very limited but is free.
  6. We have had to take extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic due to living in a vulnerable household. Collection is arranged to be outside, and we will wear a mask as an added precaution, and will remain socially distanced during the handover.

    Please DO NOT collect your hoop order if you:

    • Are displaying any cough, cold or flu-like symptoms
    • Have had a positive lateral flow test or positive PCR test within the last 2 weeks
    • Are isolating
    • Are living with anyone who is isolating
    • Are living with anyone displaying cough, cold or flu-like symptoms
    • Are living with anyone who has tested positive for covid-19 within the last 14 days

    If you feel unwell or need to rearrange collection, please email hello@hooperhoops.co.uk at least 1 hour before hand over, or text or call 07875 306 717. We would rather hang on to your hoop for a bit longer until you’re well, than take unnecessary risks!


  1. If you wish to change your hula hoop order please contact Hooper Hoops within 24 hours of placing your order. After this no changes can be made.
  2. Please ensure you order the correct hula hoop size. Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible, nor can they be returned if you discover your hula hoop(s) are too big or too small for you!


  1. Hooper Hoops handmade hula hoops do have a life to them. The tape covering will eventually wear. Hula hooping on softer surfaces, such as grass rather than concrete for example, can significantly slow the deterioration of the hula hoop tape. Depending on how extensively you use your Hooper Hoop(s) the tape coverings on the hula hoops can last from 6 months to 1 year and some can last considerably longer. The deterioration of the tapes on the hula hoop(s) is unavoidable and is often sped up on travel hoops due to the twisting of the tubing. At present a re-taping service is not provided.


  1. You have 30 days from the day of dispatch to request a refund. At this time, hula hoops cannot be exchanged or returned due to health and safety reasons. Please contact Hooper Hoops if there is an issue with your hula hoop. Photographic evidence will be required of any faults or issues within 30 days of receiving your dispatch email. Hooper Hoops will assess the fault via the image and you may then be refunded the cost of the hula hoop(s). Unfortunately we cannot reimburse postage or courier costs.
  2. Quirky or Wiggly hoops cannot be refunded as they are sold ‘as is’.



  1. Please ensure you check with your Doctor before undertaking any new physical exercise.
  2. These courses are a guide on how to carry out moves. You are solely responsible for how you move at any point whilst following these classes and workshop instructions or practicing the material that has been taught in the sessions. Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by you hula hooping during or outside of the classes and workshops.
  3. Bruises and achy muscles are very common and will almost certainly occur when using the hula hoops, particularly for beginners – please rest and wait for the bruising to go before you continue hula hooping.
  4. All courses are required to be paid upfront to ensure your space can be held for you. We have to ask for a non refundable deposit to pay for the hall and admin costs. These non refundable deposits may vary per course or workshop.
  5. If you require a refund before the course starts please contact Hooper Hoops to discuss your options.
  6. If you miss a session we cannot refund you for this.
  7. If Hooper Hoops has to cancel a class within a course you will be emailed a date usually tagged onto the end of the course in which you can attend the rescheduled class. If you cannot attend this session Hooper Hoops cannot refund you but will offer you the chance to attend The Hoop Surgery for free.
  8. All classes, courses and workshop prices include UK VAT. No postage is required.
  9. If a workshop has to be cancelled by Hooper Hoops you will be notified by email and refunded the full amount.
  10. Hooper Hoops will contact you by email to keep you up to date on any notices regarding the course, class or workshop you have paid to attend. It is up to you to check your email every week before class incase of any emergency notices. You may be attempted to be contacted by your mobile number if a last minute emergency cancellation occurs.
  11. After the course or workshop has finished you will be emailed a round up / summary video. Please do NOT share this with others, redistribute or resell this material.



  1. Please note that during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have ceased the sale of all clothing items for health and safety reasons.
  2. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZING VERY CAREFULLY. You have 30 days in which to return your item of clothing if it is the wrong size. Hooper Hoops cannot cover the return postage cost. The exception is on any items that have had your name printed. We cannot accept returns for these items because they are the wrong size as these will have been individually made specifically with your name and we often cannot resell them.
  3. PLEASE CHECK THE SPELLING OF YOUR NAME VERY CAREFULLY. We cannot accept returns for items that have your name on even if they have a spelling mistake that you entered, as these will have been individually made specifically with your name and we often cannot resell them.
  4. Postage is calculated on a weight and size basis within the UK. All packages will be sent either first or second class signed for by the Royal Mail.
  5. All prices include UK VAT.
  6. We try to represent the true colour of all our items as closely as possible but the colours of the items for sale may vary ever so slightly due to your screen colouring, our material and print colourings.
  7. PLEASE PROVIDE A CORRECT AND VALID POSTAL ADDRESS! Hooper Hoops will strive to process all orders within in 14 working days. Inevitably, there may be delays that are beyond Hooper Hoops control, such as delays with the Postal Delivery service. Our items are printed by a local company and so Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for delays with them. We will send your order over to the print company ASAP to ensure it’s made up and sent out as quickly as possible. Items are posted as a first or second class signed for parcel with the Royal Mail and can be expected to arrive 3-5 workings days after dispatch, but please allow up to 15 days after receiving your dispatch email to receive your order. Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery once the item(s) have been dispatched or problems with the item(s) whilst they are in transit.



  1. Please ensure you check with your Doctor before undertaking any new physical exercise.
  2. These courses are a guide on how to carry out moves. You are solely responsible for how you move at any point whilst following these online courses / instructions or practicing the material that has been taught in the courses. Hooper Hoops cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, bruising or property damage caused by your hula hooping activities or following the instructions in the online courses. If you find you are bruising from hula hooping please wait until the bruising subsides before you continue.
  3. Please ensure that the environment in which you plan to hula hoop is suitable – a large room with high ceilings, or a wide open space away from breakable items and windows is recommended.
  4. Please ensure you have the correct equipment and clothing. Please ensure that you warm up and cool down properly with any exercise you undertake.
  5. If you are feeling unwell or carrying an injury, DO NOT attempt any of the moves shown in the videos. Please wait until you have fully recovered before continuing to hula hoop or following the videos.
  6. No postage is required for the online classes.
  7. All prices include UK VAT.
  8. We cannot be held responsible for you exceeding your bandwidth or data allowances when downloading or streaming our online content.
  9. Refunds cannot be issued on any online content purchased.
  10. Once the online content has been purchased you must not redistribute it or resell it. It is strictly for your own personal use. The videos contained within our courses are the sole property of Hooper Hoops and any unauthorised duplication, downloading, editing, reselling or sharing of these videos breaches copyright laws.
  11. You are solely responsible for changing your password for your account on Hooper Hoops and ensuring you log out properly if you are using your account on a public computer. We encourage you to regularly change your password and keep it safe. If your account is hacked please inform us asap. We cannot issue a refund for this but contact us to discuss your options.
  12. We recommend setting up a strong password and enabling the two step authentication login process to protect your details.
  13. If you forget your password or reenter a password incorrectly 3 times, you will be automatically blocked out of the entire website for 15 minutes. This is a safety feature which we cannot override. We cannot refund you for any times or amount of time you are locked out of your account for.
  14. Hacking into other people’s accounts will not be tolerated. You will be blocked from the website indefinitely.
  15. Hooper Hoops reserves the right to remove any of the video content at any given time, without warning and without issuing a refund.



  1. Your personal details will never be handed out to third parties.
  2. Your delivery address, contact email and contact number are the only details we share with the local courier to ensure your order can reach its destination securely. Please see their privacy policy here.
  3. We will never add you to our mailing list unless you voluntarily opt-in or ask us to add you. You are free to unsubscribe from this at any point by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the Newsletter.
  4. For full details on how we use any data you submit to us please read our privacy policy.



  1. Gift cards must be used within 365 days of purchase. No reminder will be issued. It is up to the recipient to remember and use their gift card.
  2. Giftcards can only be used on products (hula hoops, clothing, courses and online courses) in the shop at https://hooperhoops.co.uk/hula-hoop-shop/ . They MUST be redeemed online through the website and cannot be redeemed physically.
  3. An automated digital email will be sent out to the recipient with the gift card amount and code to redeem the amount. No physical gift card or receipt will be issued.
  4. No refunds can be given once a gift card has been purchased.
  5. A purchase made through redeeming a gift card, cannot be refunded.
  6. You cannot exchange gift cards for cash.
  7. You can only redeem your gift card in pounds sterling.
  8. Hooper Hoops is not responsible if a gift card is lost or stolen or if it is destroyed or used without the purchaser or recipient’s permission. A refund cannot be issued in this instance either!
  9. Gift cards are redeemed at checkout. Enter the “gft” number from your email into the coupon code link at the top of the page to apply the gift card.