Why do I need to hoop in both directions?

Date: 29th March 2019


If you’ve ever attended one of our classes, you will have heard our instructors ask you to “try the move in your least favourite direction”.

You probably have a favourite direction to spin on your waist and a preferred hand for off-body tricks. Spinning the other way or on the other hand feels clunky and unnatural right? So why do we tell you to do it?

1) Keeping even

Hooping – even when we’re learning circus skills – is a form of exercise and it’s really important to make sure the muscles you’re working, are used evenly. Otherwise you’ll be super strong on your dominant side and weaker on your non dominant side. We don’t want you to run into problems later in life.

2) For the flow

Learning tricks in both directions will ultimately help with your flow. When you move between tricks and find yourself dropping the hoop or in your non dominant – your muscle memory from practicing these tricks in the other direction or with the other hand should kick and you can save your move or carry on flowing and dancing with less of a stall.


3) A rewarding brain workout

Not only are you challenging your body to do something new, but your brain has to figure it out too. It can be like solving a puzzle or a riddle – it keeps your body and brain active so it’s great for your physical and mental health. It’s also incredibly rewarding when you do nail that move on your non dominant side.


Give it a go! Try the latest trick you’re learning in your left hand – first forwards, then backwards. Now try it in your right hand, forwards and then backwards.

At some point your brain will feel like it’s falling out your ears. So stop and come back to it a little later to let the muscle memory sink in.

What’s next?